Anna Sbokou

Lead Lighting Designer
Anna is a lighting designer with an interior design background, based in London and Athens, working on local and international projects for over 10 years. She has worked extensively on lighting in both commercial and private sectors. Her work includes high profile exhibitions, leisure, commercial, exterior and residential projects. She works as an independent professional and also collaborates with other designers, such as Zerlina Hughes at studiozna , Paula Rainha at synapse and Gustavo Aviles at lighteam, as an external consultant.
She is also frequently participating in international conferences as guest speaker. Anna is serving on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).
In 2009 Anna was awarded Young Lighting of the Year by the Society of Light and Lighting in London.
In 2014 the project ‘Memorial for the Victims of Violence’ in Mexico City received an International Lighting Design Award of Excellence by the IALD.
Anna was included in the 40under40 list at the 2016 Lighting Design Awards.

Anna Sbokou
Lead Lighting Designer

Matina Magklara

Lead Lighting Designer
Matina, after completing her studies in Architecture (AUTh) she earned her Master’s degree in Lighting and Lighting from University College London. In London she has developed her methodology and experience in lighting design as a member of the internationally acclaimed Lighting Design practice Speirs+Major. In Athens she has collaborated for numerous local and international prestigious projects with Dr George Fatseas architecture+lighting. She works as an independent lighting designer over 11 years and is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Hellenic Illumination Committee (EFE). Matina participates in lighting conferences and workshops and often contributes to the international press with articles and references.

Matina Magklara
Lead Lighting Designer

Katerina Plota

Project Manager
Katerina studied Interior Architecture at the Technical Educational Institute of Athens (TEI) and she followed design classes at the Madrid Complutense University of Fine Arts for six moths. In 2006 she received her Masters degree in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London where she worked for 9 years in award wining design studios. She is working as an interior designer since 2004, her professional experience in a wide aspect of international projects varying from high end residential, hotel and spa to restaurant and workspace design. Her involvement is in all design stages from concept to completion with extended practice in drawing packages, joinery & furniture design, client & site communication. Over the past two years she is a keen lighting & luminaires researcher and design consultant.

Katerina Plota
Project Manager

Marianna Mourla

Lighting Designer
Marianna is an architect and lighting designer. She has graduated from Technical University of Patras, Greece, department of Architecture in 2006. After her graduation, she worked as an architect and in 2010,she attended the Architectural Lighting Design programme (MSc), in Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.Starting her carreer as a lighting designer in 2014, she has been involved in numerous projects, mostly hotels. She is also interested in stage lighting design, attending a course in National Theatre of Greece.

Marianna Mourla
Lighting Designer

Melina Lasithiotaki

Junior Lighting Designer
Melina Lasithiotaki is an architect and an emerging lighting designer. She has graduated as an Architect - Engineer from the Technical University of Crete in 2014, and she is currently undertaking the last year of her post graduate degree in Lighting Design (MA) at the Hellenic Open University. Formerly, she has worked as a freelance architect & designer on diverse projects including architecture, graphic design, and visual arts. Having approached these aspects through a more artistic view, she attempts to compose lighting projects that are detailed, layered, textured and thoroughly designed, while causing a variety of emotional stimuli.

Melina Lasithiotaki
Junior Lighting Designer

Catia Milia-Argeiti

Junior Lighting Designer
Catia is an architect and a lighting designer, based in Athens. She studied architecture at the University of Patras (UP) and she attended the Master’s program “Architectural Lighting Design” in the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH). Her architectural background gave her the ability to develop a project from the conceptual stage to its final detail. Her lighting design approach is human-centric and covers a broad thematic, from the lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces to luminaire design. She believes in the power of light to improve the quality of daily life and reactivate public space.

Catia Milia-Argeiti
Junior Lighting Designer
'40 under forty' list of up-and-coming Lighting Designers
2016 Lighting Design Awards
Shortlisted for 'The Bar@ Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens'
2015 Darc Awards
Shortlisted for 'Memorial for the Victims of Violence' Project
2015 LAMP Awards
Award of Excellence for 'Memorial for the Victims of Violence' Project
2014 IALD International Lighting Design Awards
Award of Merit for 'Memorial for the Victims of Violence' Project
2014 IES Lighting Design Awards
Finalist for 'Memorial for the Victims of Violence' Project
2014 Lighting Design Awards
Young Lighter of the Year
2009 Society of Light and Lighting (SLL)
Enlighten Europe Conference IALD 2016
15/11/2016 Prague, Czech Republic - Invited speaker
Enlighten Americas Conference IALD 2016
14/10/2016 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Invited speaker
Light&Building 2016, IALD Lighting Perspectives Conference
15/3/2016 Frankfurt, Germany – Invited speaker
ForumLED 2015
8/12/2015 Lyon, France – IALD speaker
LEDforum 2015 Conference
20/08/2015 Sao Paolo, Brazil - Invited speaker
School of Architecture, University of Portsmouth
06/12/2013 Portsmouth, UK - Invited speaker
Enlighten Americas Conference IALD 2013
05/10/2013 Montreal, Canada - Invited speaker
EILD Lighting Design Encuentro Iberoamericano 2012
25/10/2012 Queretaro, Mexico - IALD speaker
Visiting Lecturer at the Lighting Design Diploma
Sept. - Nov./2012 Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico City
Professional Lighting Design Conference 2011
22/10/2011 Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid - Winning speaker
'Communi(cati)on in Crisis' Symposium
Live Arts Research Institute
Nafpaktos, greece
june 2011 lighting installation – lightsmiths
SLL Masterclass 'The Low Carbon Challenge'
07/10/2010 Hippodrome Birmingham - IALD guest speaker
SLL Masterclass 'Lighting for the Future'
25/02/2010 Royal Naval Museum Portsmouth - IALD guest speaker
Board of Directors
International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)
IALD European Steering Committee
Lighting-Related Organizations (UNESCO IYL2015)